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Amplify the power of your app

Our in-app social network is a strong marketing platform that supports the entire user lifecycle. No need to go to different providers for different services . With full stack solutions by GetSocial, you get it all. We made it incredibly easy to seamlessly blend user acquisition and social engagement into your app.

Maximize the value of your user acquisition efforts

When you pay for users (whether in money through advertising, or you’ve invested time and effort into relationships with the app store editors and media), you want to make sure you’re getting value-for-money.

GetSocial helps you optimize for K-Factor, and by making it easy for users to spread the word and play with their friends, we help you maximize the value of your new users.

Increase organic reach beyond Facebook

Not everyone wants to log in with Facebook, and with GetSocial your players don’t have to. Anyone can invite a friend through any channel, and still remain connected through our user management and social graph feature.

Build viral loops

Viral loops are crucial to maximizing the potential of your app, the more your users share your app, the lower your user acquisition costs.

But how do you build with this in mind? Our robust analytics give you insights on the social behavior of your users and helps you optimize and evaluate your efforts. Want to know the conversion difference between WhatsApp and Facebook? Retention for users from Kik? We’ve got you covered!

Acquire high LTV users

Our data shows that invited users retain longer, up to 100% higher D30 retention. That means more time to monetize through advertising or convert them to paying users, resulting in a higher LTV. Our integration in PikPok’s “Doomsday Clicker” showed that invited users had a 15% higher LTV.

  • Face Up
  • Dead Target: Zombie
  • Doomsday Clicker
  • Frontline Commando 2
  • Adventure Smash

Why does everyone want GetSocial?

Decrease eCPI

Organic user acquisition makes your marketing spend go further. Cross promotion keeps them in the ecosystems of your app & new releases.

More retention, less churn

GetSocial amplifies player LTV by improving 7, 14 & 30-day retention, so gamers play longer & churn rates decrease.

Increase revenue

Friends are the most powerful persuasive force – as your new social network drives gamers & fans to make more in-app purchases.

Reduce memory footprint

Complete lightweight robust SDK, so you can seamlessly blend social layers into your app – quickly and easily.

White label freedom

You get design templates & slices – and the freedom to customize the design & UX how you like – to match your app and branding.

Proven technology

The experts agree – our technology is awesome! You can also count on our personal tech support & some serious online resources.

From soft to global launch

GetSocial will help you achieve the KPI’s needed to move on to the next stage – and make the right decisions based on community feedback.

Powerful insights

Who’s sharing your app – and driving new installs? Easily track engagement & discover what impacts retention and lifetime value.

Identify & target

With the power to see who’s influencing & spending, you can steer behavior and use your data to create great promotions & campaigns.

Create a community

With your new social network within your app, you can more easily build a strong community – and keep everyone motivated.

Direct contact with players

Now you can be in direct contact with your community, and manage & moderate discussions about your app.

Drive engagement

Target and identify spenders & influencers – and reward installs, promote features and offer inspiring tips & tricks.

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We make integration quick & painless

Fully customizable

You’re in full control of the UI, so it looks & feels like your app.

One complete SDK

A full stack solution, powering the entire lifecycle with one suite.

100% personal support

From SDK integration to community building, we’ll change your game!

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