Make your marketing spend go further & maximize core game metrics

More Organic Installs

Boost virality with Smart Invites

Double your Retention

Drive Engagement with In-app Communities

More In-App Purchases

Push monetization with social sales forces

Fully customizable, data driven & easy to integrate

GetSocial lets you create highly effective in-app social marketing platforms. In fact, you can build in-app social networks within your eco-system of apps. We’ve made it incredibly easy to blend social engagement, user acquisition & promotional layers into your app – seamlessly – with full stack solutions. Our tool suite supports your app’s entire user lifecycle. And you get it all from just one great source. GetSocial.

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GetSocial in action

  • Doomsday Clicker
  • Frontline Commando 2
  • Adventure Smash

Why does everyone want GetSocial?

Decrease eCPI

Organic user acquisition makes your marketing spend go further. Cross promotion keeps them in the ecosystems of your app & new releases.

More retention, less churn

GetSocial amplifies player LTV by improving 7, 14 & 30-day retention, so gamers play longer & churn rates decrease.

Increase revenue

Friends are the most powerful persuasive force – as your new social network drives gamers & fans to make more in-app purchases.

Reduce memory footprint

Complete lightweight robust SDK, so you can seamlessly blend social layers into your app – quickly and easily.

White label freedom

You get design templates & slices – and the freedom to customize the design & UX how you like – to match your app and branding.

Proven technology

The experts agree – our technology is awesome! You can also count on our personal tech support & some serious online resources.

From soft to global launch

GetSocial will help you achieve the KPI’s needed to move on to the next stage – and make the right decisions based on community feedback.

Powerful insights

Who’s sharing your app – and driving new installs? Easily track engagement & discover what impacts retention and lifetime value.

Identify & target

With the power to see who’s influencing & spending, you can steer behavior and use your data to create great promotions & campaigns.

Create a community

With your new social network within your app, you can more easily build a strong community – and keep everyone motivated.

Direct contact with players

Now you can be in direct contact with your community, and manage & moderate discussions about your app.

Drive engagement

Target and identify spenders & influencers – and reward installs, promote features and offer inspiring tips & tricks.

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Transform your app into a profitable social network

We make integration quick & painless

Fully customizable

You’re in full control of the UI, so it looks & feels like your app.

One complete SDK

A full stack solution, powering the entire lifecycle with one suite.

100% personal support

From SDK integration to community building, we’ll change your game!

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Amplify your app’s performance

Make a date to chat with one of our experts – and find out how GetSocial can help you increase your app’s growth, engagement & monetization.

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