Appa11y significantly improved user engagement metrics with Activity feeds, Chat and Notifications


More game sessions for social users compared to others


Higher LTV for social users and 20x higher lifetime


More installs generated by social users compared to others


Dice World is a turn-based game where if users only take their turns, the session times are brief. Appa11y was looking for a way to better engage with their users and improve the sense of community in hopes of extending their user sessions. They had tried an in-house chat room and knew there was interest in it but struggled to integrate it in a way that didn’t feel disjointed. Luckily, they stumbled onto GetSocial through a developer forum and it has taken the social aspect of their game to the next level.

Activity Feeds and Chat

Appa11y added Activity Feeds to communicate with their players. They interacted with players regularly to provide them with customer support through a dedicated support feed, announce upcoming events, features, game tips, and tricks. Activity Feeds further enabled their players to announce to other players that they were available to play a multiplayer session.

GetSocial chat feature enabled their players to communicate with each other during gameplay.

Push Notifications

Appa11y created user segments to gain insights into different user behaviors and compare segments to identify which one was performing better (e.g visually impaired users vs sighted users). They further used these segments to send targeted push notifications.

User to user notification was used to nudge an opponent when it was their turn to play or to notify all friends when they were online ready to play against them.



Users that engaged with the community feed:

Other benefits:



Appa11y understood that their user base was looking for more and they knew they were missing an opportunity. GetSocial’s social features like Activity feeds, push notifications, segmentation, and targeting helped fill the void by creating a community that not only improved the overall user experience but also gave them a means to better connect with their users. Their user response has been overwhelmingly positive and their user engagement metrics improved drastically.


Before GetSocial our game was just a game. We wanted to significantly improve user engagement and spent considerable time developing an in-house solution and trying other providers. But it wasn't until we utilized GetSocial that we created a gaming community with a significant uplift in our engagement and retention metrics. GetSocial has been a game-changer for us. Literally!

Nick Barbato
Founder and CTO


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