Godzilab improved player LTV with GetSocial Smart Invites and Activity Feeds for Crush Them All


Higher LTV for referred players


Higher retention for referred players


Lifetime of Activity Feed users


Godzilab wanted to have an incentivized referral system for their game Crush Them All. They had tried several other SDKs in the market which didn’t meet their expectation. In addition to that, they wanted to
improve their communication with their players and allow them to easily moderate the community.
Activity Feeds

Godzilab added Activity Feeds to communicate with their players. Their community managers interacted with players regularly to provide them with customer support, announce upcoming events, features, game tips, and tricks.

Activity Feeds further enabled their players to invite others to join their clans, and communicate with each other.
Smart Invites

They also implemented Smart Invites for incentivized sharing feature where players received different bonuses for every successful referral.

Players were also connected with their invited friends and Facebook friends.



Users delivered by GetSocial Smart Invite retained significantly better and had higher LTV:

On the other hand, users that engaged with GetSocial Activity Feeds also retained significantly better:



Incentivizing referrals increased their organic installs and these referrals delivered high-quality users driving up retention and player lifetime values for the game.
Activity Feed, on the other hand, created an engaged in-app community further driving up the retention rates.



After trying several different providers, we discovered GetSocial and it beats everyone hands down. The ease of integration, combined with the fraud detection system made it an easy decision to integrate. The support from the GetSocial team, adding features we requested and support for our attribution tool has been great. We’ve also implemented their Activity Feeds as our global chat solution and it improved our communication and moderation with our community significantly.

Jerome Lanquetot
Co-Founder & CTO


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