Modacruz sees a 455% higher retention and 20x more sessions initiated by the users of their in-app community


Higher retention of social users


More sessions by social users


Higher retention of organic users


Modacruz is one of the most successful second-hand shopping brands in Turkey. Customers have access to countless luxury branded products in the categories of bags, clothing, shoes, accessories, or cosmetics.

It was important for Modacruz users to be able to highlight the items they are selling, and for users and influencers to promote interesting fashion finds on the app to other users, which is why Modacruz was looking for a plug-and-play community solution that would allow them to enable this behavior while keeping their focus on the rest of their roadmap.

They also had a lot of traffic on their mobile website which they wanted to divert to their mobile app as the KPIs on their mobile app consistently outperformed their web metrics.

Their research led them to GetSocial.
Community features

Modacruz integrated GetSocial to create their own branded in-app community for users and influencers to sell second-hand fashion items, and share great finds on the platform. Using GetSocial's community features Modacruz created a shoppable feed experience, further enriched by hashtags, for their users and were able to communicate with their users with 100% reach.
Web visitors to App downloads

Modacruz integrated GetSocial’s Smart Banner feature to drive their mobile website traffic to app downloads.

Modacruz Social feeds

Modacruz's own branded in-app community

Modacruz integrated GetSocial in their app to power their community, which allowed them to:

Modacruz Banner

Successfully converting mobile web to app users

Consistently converting thousands of mobile web traffic to app downloads resulting in higher engagement and retention KPIs.

These organic users had over 200% higher retention than other users.

Modacruz Results


As a company, whether in eCommerce, Health & Fitness, Gaming, or any other vertical, owning your relationship with your customers is key. Getting your users to install your app is one thing, but fostering an ongoing relationship with and between them is where the real opportunity lies. 

Modacruz successfully leveraged GetSocial’s technology to convert web visitors into app users and used in-app communities to successfully increase retention, engagement, and monetization. They are now in direct control of and contact with their community, with benefits ranging from better-informed choices on product development to direct bottom-line contributions.



We now live in a digitally social world, and any digital business with a focus on maximizing customer engagement metrics needs to offer advanced social features regardless of their core business model. Getsocial is a great partner with advanced social engagement features, enhanced reporting tools, and an easy integration process.

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