MyGlamm sees a 3X higher conversion to purchase for users participating in their in-app community


Higher conversion to purchase


Month on month increase in user engagement


Higher retention of community users


MyGlamm had a traditional beauty Ecommerce setup where user input and community insight was lacking. They wanted to build an ecosystem where they would provide a platform for users to express and share their thoughts. This would give them valuable insight into what their customers think and also a direct channel to interact with them.

MyGlamm believes that building relationships with customers and creating a sense of community beyond the transactions that occur needs to be an integral part of running an eCommerce platform.

They were looking for a plug and play community solution so they could speed up their go-to-market. They decided not to build this in-house as that would distract their developers from their core feature set and through their research, they learned about GetSocial.
Solution - Community features

MyGlamm integrated GetSocial to create their own branded in-app community for users to communicate with each other around beauty topics. Using GetSocial's community features MyGlamm created a shoppable feed experience for their users and were able to communicate with their users with 100% reach.

“GetSocial is one of the most important pillars in MyGlamm’s vision in building a 3 C platform which is Content, Community and Commerce.” said Ashish Jadhav Sr Product Manager of MyGlamm

myGlamm Community

MyGlamm's own branded in-app community

MyGlamm integrated GetSocial in their app to power their community, which allowed them to:


Resulting in a 3x higher conversion to purchase

MyGlamm Conclusion


Social features such as in-app communities have a powerful influence on user engagement and retention rates. They fill the gap between a company and its customers by providing an valuable communication channel for both sides. Moreover, an engaged community turns regular users into brand ambassadors that are eager to spread the word about the product, thus boosting its user acquisition rates.

MyGlamm now owns their in-app community and sees a direct impact on their bottom line enhancing their product-led growth with a more customer-centric, and community-based approach.

Deep Ganatra


“To Sustain long term growth, the future is Community engagement which leads to commerce. GetSocial is a critical piece in this puzzle going forward for MyGlamm”

Deep Ganatra


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