PikPok supercharged player LTV with GetSocial Smart Invites  for Doomsday Clicker


Higher D1 Retention


Higher Revenue per Download


Conversion on Referrals


Pikpok wanted to complement their existing User Acquisition (UA) strategy with organic user acquisition (minus Facebook), to reinforce their UA spend through viral inviting mechanisms.
Smart Invites

After analysing the user acquisition tools that are available on the market, PikPok decided to implement GetSocial's Smart Invites. Pikpok’s Smart Invites implementation was done by taking advantage of an incentivized sharing feature, where every time a user reached a major milestone in Doomsday Clicker, an invite was sent through an IM app or a Social Network, such as Twitter.



Users are more likely to trust recommendations from friends:



Whatsapp and other chat apps trump Facebook, increasing the number of organic shares and higher conversion on referrals.

These referrals also bring in high-quality users driving up retention and player LTV.

Large UA peaks (App Store features) drive large viral peaks as well, so new users (whether paid or organic) help to increase your sharing coefficient through effective implementation of Smart Invites. 

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GetSocial made it easy for us to integrate rich invites and shares across a breadth of messaging platforms in Doomsday Clicker. We’ve seen a 39% relative lift in Day 1 retention for users acquired through GetSocial and a 15% increase in revenue per download.

Tyrone McAuley
Co-Founder at PikPok


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