PocApp supercharged player LTV with GetSocial Smart Invites and Activity Feeds for Castle Cats


Day 30 Retention of referred users


Conversion on referrals


Day 30 Retention of social users


PocApp wanted to provide something truly unique and exciting in a terribly crowded marketplace to stand out and keep players from abandoning their game in favor of another new, shiny title. Ergo the chance of getting their game noticed was extremely low without a sustainable marketing plan. But most importantly – even if they managed to receive a high amount of downloads the biggest challenge was to retain these players longer.
Smart Invites

PocApp studios implemented GetSocial's Smart Invites as their organic growth strategy in Castle Cats incentivizing users with in-game items for successful referrals.
Activity Feed

They also added Activity Feed to enable their players to share their accomplishments in the game, communicate with each other and also with them and their in-game characters. PocApp's community manager played a pivotal role in supporting the community with regular updates and responding to user queries.



Users delivered by GetSocial Smart Invite retained significantly better:



Incentivizing referrals increased the number of organic invites and yielded higher conversion rates to installs. These referrals delivered high-quality users driving up retention and player lifetime values for the game.

Activity Feed, on the other hand, fostered the community to further drive up the retention rates.



In the beginning, we had to assist every player that ran into issues personally. But after a while we noticed players helping each other out on the feed before we even got to it. The Castle Cats players are from all over the world; their response time to a question is 10X faster than what ours could ever be! It’s a dream come true since our goal with using GetSocial was to enable our community to grow organically and boost user engagement.

Tim Holmboe
Co Founder & Associate Producer at PocApp Studios


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