Turborilla achieves 180% more sessions played by referred users and 3x higher lifetime retention of community users


Higher Day 7 retention of referred users


Higher lifetime retention of users that are engaged with community features


More sessions played by referred users


Turborilla develops and publishes the successful “Mad Skills Motocross” and “Mad Skills BMX” series of games. For the third part of their Mad Skills Motocross series, they were looking to add social features to the game. The game has a very loyal following in the motorsports community and Turborilla wanted to better leverage that community to spread the word about the game.

They also wanted the ability to directly interact with their players and for their players to interact with each other. Building and maintaining the features in-house would have been a massive distraction and would have cost a significant amount of development time. Their research led them to GetSocial!

Referral features

Turborilla integrated GetSocial's referral solution to improve their user retention and engagement rates.

Community features

Turborilla integrated GetSocial's activity feeds to create player groups, collect player feedback, share product updates, and more.






For Turborilla it was crucial to build a direct relationship with their users, in a way they can control and where they can retain ownership of the user data. They realized early on that building this in-house would distract them from their focus on building their game, so they decided to work with GetSocial. 

As the results show, it pays to build a direct relationship with your users. Increased retention and engagement are just the start, now that they have their community inside the game, communicating with them can happen on Turborilla’s terms instead of someone else’s. 

Bryan Stealey


GetSocial made it way easier for us to effectively do some things we had already decided we wanted to do. It was important for us that players are able to communicate with each other, and with us, and also that we're able to communicate with our players. GetSocial solved these things for us and we didn't have to build the functionality from the ground up. Our game has always enjoyed excellent word-of-mouth growth, as our player base is connected by a real-life sport. However, this had to happen organically, outside of our game. We wanted players to be able to invite others from within the game, as we thought we could supercharge that word-of-mouth quality. GetSocial made this easy for us. Building our own functionality was too restrictive and it would have never happened.

Bryan Stealey

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