Create your own social network within your app

With a significant number of mobile games entering the market, it is becoming increasingly important for developers to look into engagement. Real-time chatting and posting about your gaming & entertainment app has an amazing effect on engagement levels. So gamers & fans can brag about their achievements. With GetSocial Engage, they can post messages, share screenshots and tactics and encourage their friends. For social engagement that reaches deeper and increases retention substantially.


Break down the barriers between you and your users!

Now you can communicate directly with your users – and they can communicate with each other, too. Either privately or as a public chat for everyone to follow. Add live chats to your app in minutes, to keep the conversation going.

  • Real-time & secure
  • No servers needed
  • Includes chat history

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Activity feeds

In-app forum so you and your users can post comments

As the heart of your app’s social network, the activity feed is the place for community managers and users to post their comments. And the UI looks and feels like your app and your branding. Set-up activity feeds according to level, language or clan.

  • Segmented or global stream setup
  • Post text, images & actions
  • For users & your community manager

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User Management

Connect your users with GetSocial seamlessly

A single point of authentication between GetSocial and your app. GetSocial enables adding user identities for internal authentication or integration with Social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts. 

  • Allow anonymous users to interact with GetSocial 
  • Add/remove social identities
  • Add/remove custom identities
  • Support for display name and avatar

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In-app & push notifications

Automatically alerts users of their in-app social activity

It’s important to keep your users informed. That’s why notifications matter. Alert users of activities in-app – or push notifications to their devices when they aren’t in your app. So users stay engaged and focused on your game or entertainment app.

  • Keeps users more engaged
  • Notifies users of comments & likes
  • Even works when your app isn’t running

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In-app & push notifications

" Players who use social features within the first 7 days have 60% higher retention

Amplify the power of your app - Full circle

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