Smart invites

Boost your user acquisition

People trust people more than businesses. Users referred to an app via word-of-mouth have double the retention rate of users acquired from paid ad campaigns.

Customize, personalize and automate your in-app referral system to boost your app installs and user acquisition rate. Encourage your existing users to invite their friends using popular apps like Whatsapp, Kik, Kakao and others, and stop relying on Facebook.

Ubisoft uses Smart Invites in FaceUp to invite friends into the same game session.


Leverage the power of retargeting for your app

Clicks on our smart invite links add users to your retargeting campaigns.

  • Better ROI on your AD spend
  • Target current and potential users
  • See real-time traffic on your invite links


Key insights into what drives your viral growth

  • Analyze the performance of invites, invite channels and the impact they have on your app’s growth and player LTV.
  • Determine the drop-off points in the invite process.
  • Understand your app's cycle time and viral coefficient.
  • Gain insights into the retention rates of every acquisition channel.
  • and many more.


Keep your users motivated with in-app rewards

The webhook system enables you to track all the install events generated via smart invites. Use this information to reward users who have proactively promoted your app in their circles. Whether you reward them for sending invites or when an invite results in an install, the reward trigger can be easily set as per your campaign.

The webhooks and referral data includes the sender and receiver information to give you total control over who to reward, when and how much (reward capping).


Social graph

Fully automated social graph for your apps

Fully automated graph for your app that connects your users with their invited friends irrespective of invite channel. Works seamlessly with our smart invites and Facebook graph.

  • Automated Graph generation
  • Manually add user relations
  • Integrated with Facebook Graph API

User Management

Connect your users with GetSocial seamlessly

A single point of authentication between GetSocial and your app. Users don’t have to login twice, and GetSocial supports any authentication system you have in place.

  • Allow anonymous users to interact with GetSocial
  • Add/remove social identities
  • Add/remove custom identities
  • Support for display name and avatar

Activity Feeds

Build an in-app community

Enable your users to communicate with each other, share their gaming tactics, screenshots of milestones, brag about their gaming achievements and more. This features also enables you to post user activities directly from the app on behalf of the player. These posts can include text, images or an action.

  • Activity feeds can be created dynamically. You can have a feed per clan, per faction, per geo, per language, or even level specific, the system is granular and it’s up to you.
  • Activity can be posted by the users, the community manager or yourself

Social Notifications

Because, notifications matter

Activity feeds are incomplete and ineffective without social notifications. Be it an in-app notification or push notification sent out to a user when someone likes or comments on their activity. Social notifications are proven to be more effective than app-based notifications at keeping the users engaged.

  • In-app notifications: Notification center that alerts the user of an activity while they are in the app.
  • Push notifications: Alerts the user of an activity when the app isn’t in use.