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Gaming Engage

Build and own your in-game community

Don’t let players leave your game to form communities on Discord and Reddit. Engage players inside your game by building an in-game community.

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Grow your player base organically

Build viral loops as part of the core game mechanics

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Understand what's driving your game forward

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Key features

Incentivized App Invites
Reward players for driving install or any custom action e.g. when invited friends complete 5 levels
gift icon
In-Game Gifting
Enable players to exchange gifts, trade items, etc without leaving your game.
Clans and Clan Feed
Use Groups to enable your players to create clans with its own clan feed
In-App Feeds and Chat
Drive engagement with in-app feeds and chat
player network
Player Network
Players grow their network by inviting their friends, connecting with Facebook, or manually adding friends.
Push Notifications
Segment users and send tailored notifications.

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