Amplify Performance

Create great promotions & campaigns

All the information GetSocial’s Product Suite collects goes into your dashboard. So you have valuable insights about your gamers & fans – and how they use your app. This gives you the power to amplify performance. Because you have the data you need to make profitable decisions.

Analytics & attribution

Gain a deeper understanding of your users activities

When you know what drives your users, you can learn how to make them even happier to use your app. Improve retention rates by analyzing how users engage in-app, and identify ways to help they stick around longer.

  • Track frequency, timing & length of use
  • Measure loyalty & stickiness
  • Analyze organic growth

Community management

Support & encourage your app’s social network

Get involved in your new social network! As a community manager, you can create communities and moderate discussions on your activity feed. By directly identifying influencers, you can also promote features, share tips & tricks – and improve overall engagement levels.

  • Send out targeted promotions
  • Post directly to activity feeds
  • Developer-to-player communications

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"Analyzing your players behavior and opening up direct communication is crucial to the success of your game.

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