Mobile App Marketing

Email Course

After many days, weeks or even months of developing your mobile app, what you naturally are hoping for is your app going viral, making your user acquisition and engagement rates skyrocket. But that’s exactly what the creators of 6,140 mobile apps released through the Google Play Store every day strive to as well. The competition is fierce, and without a solid app marketing strategy in place, you won’t be able to successfully promote your app and thus the resources and time you’ve invested into your product won’t be paid off.

To help you build an app marketing strategy that actually works and supports your app at each stage of its lifecycle, we’ve created this 10-day email course. Along with a great number of useful tips from our team you will find actionable insights from leading companies in the industry like GameRefinery, App Radar, Appbot and ironSource.

This free 10-day email course covers various topics from pre-launch (awareness), post-launch (acquisition), engagement & retention, and monetization stages:

  1. The foundations of app marketing strategy: buyer persona and competitor research, promotional materials, landing page, content marketing. 
  2. App store optimization: increasing your app’s visibility in the app stores
  3. App reviews: how to improve your app reviews & ratings management
  4. Paid marketing strategy: should you leverage the paid channels of user acquisition?
  5. Referral marketing: acquiring app users through the word of mouth marketing
  6. Mobile deep linking: why do you need it for your app?
  7. Push notifications: targeting your app’s user segments right
  8. Mobile marketing automation: improving your app’s retention rates
  9. In-app community: why is it the best way to engage your users? 
  10. App monetization: how to make your app bring revenue

In order to enroll in the course, fill out the form and we will send you an email with details straight after!