Increase your app's revenue

Let your apps’ social network become your sales force

Your own gamers & fans are your secret weapon – a community sales force that’s eager to buy and promote more in-app purchases. Because they share their purchases in your activity feed, their friends will want to join in the action. You can also promote in-app items, track the conversions and manage new campaigns.

Social in-app purchases

Turn your app users into paying customers

People want to keep up with their friends – and have the same app purchases (and even more!). So we let your app’s social network do the selling for you. GetSocial makes it easy to promote in-app purchases in your activity feed, and to track what users are saying.

  • Leverage community-driven sales
  • Promote in-app items
  • Track conversions

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Social in-app purchases

Segmentation & Targeting

Everyone is different – so treat your users like individuals

Coming soon – It all begins with understanding and identifying your app users. Then you can group them per segment, based on how they use app, their activities, and how & when they engage with you. This helps you create a seamless personalized in-app experience that’s tailored to work best for everyone.

  • Identify & understand app users
  • Group users per segment
  • Create seamless personalization

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Dynamic pricing

Offer tailored purchase models for higher conversion

Coming soon – pricing tailored to your users and your needs. Because everyone is different, and some users need a little more encouragement than others. Before you know it, conversion rates will soar!

  • Analyze users’ app activity
  • Offer attractive in-app purchase models
  • Convert more users!

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Dynamic Pricing

"Users are more likely to do in-app purchases when learning about it from friends

Amplify the power of your app - Full circle

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