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A complete and fully customizable in-app solution, all from a single source

We’ve made it incredibly easy to enhance your app with social engagement, user acquisition & promotional layers. In-app and cost-effective, GetSocial covers the entire user lifecycle. From activity feeds to Smart Invites to increased in-app purchases. And it all works seamlessly. Find out more!


Increase virality with Smart Invites

Use the power of the crowd to boost your k-factor. Personalize your invites for a customized experience and better results. GetSocial Smart Invites lets you reward & motivate your gamers & fans. And we’ll expand your outreach beyond Facebook – and into Twitter, Whatsapp, Kik, Kakao & more.

Share anywhere
Encourage users to invite their friends to your app from every popular messaging app.

Deep links
Push metadata right through the App Stores, powering soft landings for new users

Social Graph
Fully automated social graph for your app that connects your users with their invited friends irrespective of the invite channels.

Monitor all installs, so you can reward users for sharing your app with their friends.

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Smart Invites


Build a loyal social network of players

Break down the barriers between you and your users! With GetSocial, you get your own in-app activity feed – and users can chat with each other in real-time, too. What better way to keep everyone involved in your app! In-app & push notifications help to keep users focused on your app – so they keep coming back for more.

Chat real-time
Users can chat to other users and encourage greater app involvement

Activity feeds
A seamless in-app user forum & comment wall so users can post messages and interact

User Management
A single point of authentication between GetSocial and your app.

In-app & push notifications
Immediate delivery of messages to your users – both in-app and outside your app

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Convert gamers & fans into spenders, inspired by their friends

With GetSocial, you gain the power to transform app users into paying customers, by leveraging community-driven sales. And because everyone is different, you’re able to treat your users like individuals – and create tailored promotions for higher conversion.

Social in-app purchases
Community driven sales, as your users inspire each other to make more purchases

Dynamic pricing
Offer users the right purchase models in-app, to encourage and reward.

Targeting & segmentation
Understand, identify & segment users based on behavior, for seamless personalization

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Track attribution & steer behavior, with valuable data collected by GetSocial

Gain a deeper understanding of your users activities – and support & encourage your app’s social network. We crunch the numbers so you gain valuable insights – and can put them to work for your app. And with direct developer-to-player communication, you can interact with your users on a regular basis.

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