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Build referral campaigns

Build referral campaigns

Incentivized referral marketing solution to drive organic growth. 

  • Enable users to invite friends via all popular invite providers like WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, Twitter, and many more.
  • Reward users for driving install or any custom action e.g. when invited friends subscribe or register
  • Personalize onboarding with deeplinking

Powered by: Smart Invites

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Build in-app community

Build in-app community

Create and engage a community in your app with Activity feeds. 

  • Let users communicate with each other, create engaging content, share screenshots, videos, and more.
  • Communicate with your users by posting announcements about upcoming features, gather feedback, or in-app promotion.

Powered by: Activity Feeds

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Automate Marketing Campaigns

Automate Marketing Campaigns

Create automated marketing flows that engage, re-engage and retain users.

  • Event and Audience-based campaigns that react to real-time events or triggered at set intervals for users that match the criteria.
  • Campaigns run automatically at defined intervals.
  • Multiple actions: send notifications, webhooks, and set user properties.

Powered by: Smart Flows

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Re-engage users

Re-engage users

Create custom audiences and target them with push notifications to engage, re-engage and retain your users.

  • Deliver targeted push notifications to any user segment.
  • Localize notification to any of the 36 supported languages.
  • Enhance notifications with image, video, and emoticons.
  • Deliver notifications based on user’s timezone.

Powered by: Notifications

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Connect users

Connect users

Enable users to grow their social network in your app by connecting with other users.

  1. Friends relationship – Invited, Facebook and manually added friends
  2. Following and followers relationship – Users follow each other
  3. Group membership – Users create groups and become a member of groups
  4. Friend suggestion – Suggest mutual friends

Powered by: Social Graph

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Enable content sharing

Enable content sharing

Make it easy for users to share your content with their friends across different platforms.

  • Branded links: custom domain for your links.
  • Contextual and deferred deep linking:  push data through app stores to deeplink users to the shared content

Powered by: Smart Links

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Measure marketing campaigns

Measure marketing campaigns

Improve the performance of your marketing campaigns with deeplinks

  • Use deep links in your emails, social media, influencer, and other marketing promotions

Powered by: Smart Links

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Convert web to app users

Convert web to app users

Convert your mobile and desktop web visitors to high-value app installs

  • Enable desktop visitors to SMS the attribution link to themselves or scan a QR code
  • For mobile website visitors, show a rich banner with ratings, personal message and deep-link to app content.

Powered by: Smart Links

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An All-in-one solution packed with powerful features


Cross-platform support

Our features work across Android, iOS, and Web. Available via HTTP API, Unity, Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter, and Javascript SDK

Unlimited notifications and automations

There are no limits on the number of push notifications you can send with our Smart Targeting feature or the number of automations you create with our Smart Flows feature.

Unlimited feeds and activities

There are no limits in the number of feeds you can create or the number of activities your users can post.

Unlimited invites and sharing

There are no limits on the number of invites, shares, or links created


We support over 36 languages.


Powerful targeting

Target users with push notifications based on their in-app behavior and deliver notifications in user’s timezone.

Custom audiences

Create custom segments based on user properties and in-app events and gain insights.

Powerful automation

Create automated marketing flows based on real time events or custom audience

Contextual deep links

Pass custom data with contextual deep links to users on any platform, even if app is not installed.


Customizable UI

Complete power to customize the UI and make it look exactly like your app.

100% Encrypted at transit and at rest

We use enterprise grade encryption for your data both at transit and at rest.

Data export and integrations

Export event and user data into your own data warehouse or to supported data partners.

Data and Technology Partners



Mobile attribution provider with analytics and fraud prevention solutions


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