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Users are more likely to stay in-app for a sense of community and belonging.


Social users have higher day 30 retention.


Social users generate more installs.

Supported feed types

Topic Feeds

Users follow topics to get content of their interest

User Feeds

Users post content on their timeline to update their followers

Group Feeds

Users join groups to follow group feed
topics and timeline
In-app news feed

Plug & play social feeds

Build user-powered social news feeds into your mobile app in no time. Let users create appealing content and engage with others through comments and reactions. Users follow other users and topics and become members of various groups to get a personalized timeline of content.

Topic feeds

Also known as interest or categories, topics help categorize content in your app similar to Twitter or Quora. Users can follow one or more topics to stay informed on conversations around the topics they follow.

User and Group feeds

Similar to popular social media apps users can follow other users in your app. Content posted by users on their feed is reflected on their followers’ personalized timeline.

Groups are created by users so that group members can communicate with each other around a shared interest. When users join a group they follow the group feed and content posted on the group feed is reflected on their timeline. 

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In-app announcements

Communicate with your users

Communicate with your users directly by posting important messages as announcements. Run in-app promotions and events, cross-promote your other apps, inform users about upcoming features, request feedback, and much more. You can target announcements to specific topics or post them everywhere. In addition to that, you can comment and react to users’ posts.

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Drive conversations around in-app content

Enable your users to have discussions on your in-app content. For example,


Run in-app surveys and polls

Your users are a great asset when it comes to gleaning insights or getting valuable feedback from them in order to improve your product.

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Rich content

Images, Videos, Action button, and reactions

Feed content is composed of the following:

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Shoppable feed
Shoppable feeds

Tag products, or any in-app items to make post shoppable

You can let your users tag products or any in-app items when creating content. Alternatively, your community managers can also edit users’ posts to tag products inside an activity. 

Tagging products inside a post can make the post actionable where users viewing the post can click on the tagged product to purchase them (or add to their shopping cart)

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Social push notifications

Users will receive push notifications when somebody engages with their content. They will receive push notifications when someone:

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Automatic profanity filter

Content reporting and profanity filter

Monitoring user-generated content 24/7 is an insurmountable task. It’s tough to keep up with user commentary at all hours of the day yourself, and hiring staff to focus just on that may not be cost-effective. Therefore, GetSocial’s activity feeds have an auto profanity filter that weeds out inappropriate content.

Apart from automatic profanity filtering, any user-generated content within the app may be manually moderated through the Dashboard. Users can report spam or inappropriate content from within the app, developers get notified about this and can act accordingly: delete content, ban users permanently or for a specific duration.

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Fully customizable UI
Completely customize the default UI or create your own on top of our data layer. Make sure your community matches the design of your app.
Rich media support
Post text, emoticons 😀, pictures, GIFs, videos, CTA buttons.
@Mentions and #Hashtag support
Mention users, filter conversations by hashtags.
Custom Actions
Enrich your posts with call-to-action buttons to guide users towards your goal conversion
Facebook-like reactions to enable users to react on posts and comments
Targeted announcement
Communicate key updates to a specific set of users or everyone.
Social notifications
Push and in-app notifications for reactions, comments, and mentions
Data Export
Export feed data in realtime via webhooks

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