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Users are more likely to stay in-app for a sense of community and belonging.


Social users have higher day 30 retention.


Social users generate more installs.

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Key feature

News Feeds

Build social news feeds in your app to increase engagement and retention.

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Key feature

Community Management

Manage your in-app community by responding to your users, and posting announcements. 

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social push notifications
Key feature

Social in-app and push notifications

Social notifications are proven to be more effective than app-based notifications at keeping the users engaged. Users receive push notifications when someone:

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Automatic profanity filter
Key feature

Automatic profanity filter and content moderation

Monitoring user-generated content 24/7 is an insurmountable task. It’s tough to keep up with user commentary at all hours of the day yourself, and hiring staff to focus just on that may not be cost-effective. Therefore, GetSocial’s Activity Feeds have an auto profanity filter that weeds out inappropriate content.
Fully customizable UI
Completely customize the default UI or create your own on top of our data layer. Make sure your community matches the design of your app.
Rich media support
Post text, emoticons 😀, pictures, GIFs, videos, CTA buttons.
@Mentions and #Hashtag support
Mention users, filter conversations by hashtags.
Custom Actions
Enrich your posts with call-to-action buttons to guide users towards your goal conversion
Avatar Click Behavior
You can customize where to navigate when users click on other user’s avatar i.e. show user’s profile, feed, etc.

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