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friends and followers

Meaningful in-app connections create engaging user experiences


Users that have more than 3 friends in an app, retain 9 times longer.


More likely to stay in your app for social connections.


Generate more installs than others.

Supported Connections

Friends relationship

Invited, Facebook and manually added friends

Following and followers relationship

Users follow each other

Group membership

Users create groups and become member of groups

Friend relationship

Your users are automatically connected with their Facebook and their invited friends as friends inside your app.

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Following and follower relationship

Similar to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, etc users can follow other users in the app. When combined with our Activity feed feature users get a personalized timeline of content from users they follow.

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Mutual friends suggestion

Enable your users to grow their social connections by recommending other users that they may know because of a mutual friend.

Although similar to recommendations provided by various social networks i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. our recommendations work irrespective of how your users are authenticated and works out of the box.

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User Identity

Gain insight into your users

A single point of authentication between GetSocial and your app so users don’t have to log in twice. GetSocial collects key information (non-PII) about your users and their social interactions to provide you with a complete picture of your users so you can target them better. GetSocial supports:

1. Anonymous users.
2. Social and custom user identities
3. Display name and avatar
4. Custom user properties.

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Unlimited connections
There are no limits on the number of friends or followers connections
Friends and followers
Choose between the friends or the follower model for your app or both.
Unlimited Groups
There are no limits on the number of groups your users can create or join
User Search
Let users search for others to find people they can connect with.

Build a social network in your app instantly!

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