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Use Smart Links to make it easy for users to share your web or app content with their friends across different platforms

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Content sharing performs better than simply promoting your app


Better retention than other users


Higher click to install conversion


Higher engagement

How it works

Create links per content

Create unique links per content

Share content

Your users share content with their friends

Track performance

Friend downloads app and views content
content sharing
Content sharing

Share anywhere

Allow users to share your app’s content through popular channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Kakao, Facebook, etc.

deep link to content

Deep link to shared content

Personalize user experience to increase user engagement and retention by deeplinking directly to the shared content.

Our links detect whether the user has your app already installed and deeplinks them to the correct page in the app. Alternatively, it will take new users through the correct app store before deep linking to the correct page.


Track content performance

Get insights into which content is driving most downloads for your app. Analyze clicks, installs and app opens per content and filter by marketing campaign, channel and medium.
Fraud detection
Safeguard your content promotions against install frauds.
Custom Domain
Use your own domain name for every invite link to improve click-through rates.
Automatic Device Detection
Our links automatically detect the recipient’s device and direct them to the appropriate store.
Rich media sharing
Increase conversion with rich media support for Images, animated GIFs, and videos.

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