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Increase in customer lifetime value


Boost app engagement


Higher response rates with personalization

Add users to the flow

Define which users enter the flow, based on their attributes or events like 'app install', 'level completed', etc.

Define actions

Define actions for users in the flow, their friends or their referrer

Launch the flow

GetSocial will automatically send push notifications, set user properties and/or trigger webhooks when the flow is triggered.
Key feature

Event and Audience based flows

Event-based flows react to real-time events from the users. E.g. reward referrer when their friend becomes paid subscriber.

Audience-based Flows are triggered at set intervals for all users that match the defined criteria. E.g. re-engage users who have been inactive for the last 7 days.

Key feature

Deliver personalized experiences

A personalized message always gets more user attention than a generic one. With Smart Audiences, flows can be customized with social behavioral attributes, device and custom properties to deliver relevance within messages. For example, offer a discount to the user based on a recent in-app purchase, or give a reward for being socially active in the app.

Key feature

Multiple delivery channels

Take advantage of push notifications, in-app notifications or custom delivery with webhooks and user properties to respond to individual behaviors, in and out of the app.
Custom events
Track user signups, progression in the app, content views, and any other metrics that measure the success of your app.
Multiple Actions
Send push notifications, call webhooks, setup custom user properties as a result of a Smart Flow.
Multiple recipients
Send push notifications with custom data and actions to the users in the flow, to their referrers, or to their friends.
Consumable notifications
Notifications can contain custom data and actions to customize the behavior for each recipient.
Rich media and emojis 😍
Improve open rates by using emojis 🤩, GIFs, videos, and pictures when sending push notifications.
Localize notification message to any of the 24+ supported languages. We’ll take care of delivering the correct translation.
Fully Automated
Once you launch the Smart Flows it runs automatically at set intervals or when users enter the flow.

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